Tanji at Citizen Jane Film Festival

A Social Purpose Company

Tanji is a woman founded and led Social Purpose Corporation utilizing the power of business to solve a social problem while meeting higher standards of performance, transparency and accountability. We are passionate film and TV lovers building a digital tool for socially engaged audiences and fans like YOU. And, like you we crave more content where we see more of ourselves and a greater range of stories reflected across screens.

Mission Driven

Tanji is the first mobile ticketing service and amplifier for women-centric content and its creators. Not only are we an efficient audience aggregator, community-builder and beacon—but Tanji promises to be a powerful consumer-driven disruptor leveling the playing field for gender equality on-screen and behind the camera.

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Team Tanji

Melinda Fox

Melinda Fox

Co-Founder & CEO
15+ years Fundraising Executive, Partnership/Business Dev, Grassroots Organizing
Shane Carwile

Shane Carwile

Co-Founder & CTO
15+ years Service Engineering, Systems Architecting, Security Building 1 Billion+ Users